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​2014 - Athena's Run for GYN Cancer Endometrial Cancer Research Grant

We are providing a $50K grant to support endometrial cancer research through the Foundation for Women's Cancer.  This grant will support a young investigator who will be focusing on research that will help shape the future of care for women with endometrial cancers.  The winner of this grant will be announced in the Spring of 2015.

2012 - Athena’s Run for GYN Cancer Ovarian Cancer Research Grant

We have partnered with the Foundation for Women’s Cancer to create a $50K Ovarian Cancer research grant. The Foundation for Women’s Cancer is a national organization established to provide financial support, by way of small “seed” grants and awards, to young investigators wishing to pursue a career in gynecologic cancer research. Since 1995, over 88 research grants have been awarded, leading to the acquisition of over $58,000,000 in research grants for GYN cancer research – supporting the premise that these seed grants allow young clinicians to build successful careers in GYN cancer research! We are pleased to be able to join others who have supported these grants with our first research award.

Community Outreach and Education


2017 - Cancer specific educational booklets from the Foundation for Women's Cancer provided to women with newly diagnosed cancer 


2013 - GYN Cancer Survivor's Course

The Foundation for Women's Cancer presented a half day survivor's course for our gyn cancer patients, their families and the community to learn more about gynecologic cancers. Speakers from around the country provided presentations on different topics pertinent to GYN Cancer survivors and their families.  The event was well attended and enjoyed by all.


2012 to presentGYN Cancer Outreach and Education for Minority Women
We have partnered with Cancer Services of Winston-Salem to promote community outreach and education to minority women in the Piedmont Triad area. With enhanced funding, designated staff from Cancer Services will be able to increase their outreach programs to minority women by providing an additional educational activity each week. Education events will focus on early detection and cancer prevention, as well as behaviors regarding healthy weight, fruits, and vegetables and physical activity.


2012 - North Carolina Gynecologic Cancer Lecture Series
We supported this year-round series of free lectures at the Forsyth Regional Cancer Center to promote awareness about GYN cancers in our community. Speakers from a variety of specialties are presenting pertinent topics geared to promote a clearer understanding of gynecologic malignancies, as well as providing information on strategies and practices for early cancer detection and cancer prevention.

2011 - North Carolina Gynecologic Cancer Survivor's Symposium

On April 16, 2011 we hosted the first GYN Cancer Survivor’s symposium for the Piedmont Triad area at the Forsyth Medical Conference Center. Nearly 100 participants attended this collaborative community event featuring presentations by physicians from the Derrick L. Davis Forsyth Regional Cancer Center, UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University, as well as allied health care professionals from the Winston-Salem community. We offered a series of informative sessions on the latest developments in gynecologic cancer care, research and treatment. This event was offered at no cost to all gynecologic cancer survivors, their families and supporters.

2011 - GYN Cancer Bookcase
We have created a bookshelf specifically designed for GYN Cancer awareness and education in the Education & Resource Center at the Derrick L. Davis Forsyth Regional Cancer Center. This dedicated bookcase provides GYN cancer patients and family members with a large selection of publications and other materials specifically related to gynecologic cancers.


Patient Care and Advocacy

2021 - Chemotherapy Shirts

Athena's Run provided funds to support the creation of shirts designed specifically for women to wear while undergoing active chemotherapy treatments.

2021 - Grant for Financial Assistance

Athena's Run provided a grant to Cancer Services for direct financial assistance to GYN Cancer clients who had been financially stressed by the Pandemic.


2018 - GYN Cancer movement program

Athena's Run has partnered with the Jerry Long YMCA to create a a low impact physical activity program to help survivors enjoy movement as a way to enhance well-being, improve energy and have fun! Nutritional education will also be provided as part of the program.

2016 to present - GYN Wellness Group Special Events Fund

Funds set aside for the GYN Wellness Group to use at their discretion to pay for special events such as “Healing Through the Arts “ by The Sawtooth Center, which helps survivors regain hand coordination after chemotherapy.


2014 to present - Living on the EDGE (Empowerment and Direction through GYN Education)

Annual program sponsored by Athena's Run designed to provide education and updated medical information to GYN cancer survivors at all stages of diagnosis.

2013 to present - Mindful eating for GYN Cancer Survivors

In partnership with Cancer Services, funds from Athena's Run have been used to support this 8 week program designed to help GYN cancer survivors focus on mindful eating in order to improve eating behaviors and promote healthier survivorship.

2013 to present- Pap Smear Screening

Since 2013, we have hosted a free pap smear screening clinic at the Derick L. Davis Forsyth Regional Cancer Center for women unable to afford routine annual screening.  This inaugural event was incredibly successful and due to the success - we have already had our third screening!


2012 to present - GYN Cancer Survivor’s Wellness Retreat
In partnership with Cancer Services of Winston-Salem, we have supported a wellness retreat for GYN cancer survivors. This two day retreat has been tailored to help participants find renewed energy, explore different ways to reduce stress, connect with others on this survivorship journey and learn valuable skills for improving their overall wellness.


2011 to present- GYN Cancer Care Kit
We have partnered with Cancer Services of Winston-Salem to extend their gynecologic cancer care programming, including the development of a GYN cancer care kit and resource booklet to enhance support for women recently diagnosed with a GYN malignancy. Since beginning this program in the Fall of 2011, we have given over *** kits.

2011 and 2012 - Warrior 5k Training Program
In conjunction with Chris Vaughan, a professional running coach and trainer, we developed and implemented a 5k training program for GYN cancer survivors wanting to participate in Athena’s Run 2011. Approximately 20 GYN cancer survivors and/or family members participated in this 10-week program, and we were pleased to be able to offer this program again for Athena’s Run 2012.

2011 - GYN Oncology Nurse Navigator

In 2011, we received a 3-year grant from the Women’s Council of Forsyth Medical Center Foundation to extend the nurse navigator program at the Derrick L. Davis Forsyth Regional Cancer Center. In just 10 months, our GYN Oncology nurse navigator has had more than 4500 patient contacts and initiated care and guidance for more than 500 women who were recently diagnosed with a gynecologic malignancy. In this role, our nurse navigator is able to enhance the care of these women diagnosed with a GYN cancer by providing them with personalized care and support from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship.





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