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​​Our Mission

The mission of Athena's Run is to celebrate, honor and lift up the women affected by gynecologic cancers. We will increase public awareness about gynecologic cancers and raise funds to support education, advocacy, care and research. Our vision is to end gynecologic cancers through prevention, early detection and effective treatment.​​​

Athena’s Run for Gynecologic Cancers was founded in 2010 in an effort to promote public awareness about these devastating cancers in the Piedmont Triad Region. Over the past ten years, Athena’s Run has raised nearly $500,000. Donations from this fund are currently being used locally and nationally to support education and advocacy for gynecologic cancers; care of women to prevent, detect and treat gynecologic cancers; and research efforts for gynecologic cancer care and cure.

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Athena's Run

1001 West Fourth Street

Winston Salem, NC  27101

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